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Keeping life organised often feels like a juggling act... Just as swiftly as you move to catch one ball -- say finances, family commitments, or fun with friends -- the next one is hurtling towards you. As a result, 83% of people report feeling overwhelmed trying to keep life organised. That's why we're building Treehouse. Our mission is to help you get more done whilst feeling less stressed. Meaning less juggling, more living.
Team Treehouse
Meet our small but powerful team 👋
David Yalland
Founder & CEO
Previously Founder & CPO @ Updraft
Andres Castaño
Founder & CTO
Previously Interim CTO @ Updraft
Claire Lewis
Head of Credit Ops & Customer Success
Previously Head of Customer Success @ Updraft
Funmi Olufunwa
Head of Team Treehouse Expert Advice
Previously Head of Legal & Compliance @ Updraft
Carlos Builes Ramirez
Senior Product Manager
Previously Product Manager @ Updraft
Jorge Conde Campo
Software Engineer
Previously Software Engineer @ Updraft
"Treehouse is absolutely mindblowing. I honestly don't know how I would be able to live without it."
Jonathan S
Beta Members
"As one of the first to get Beta access, I can confirm that Treehouse quickly became the most important app on my phone"
Stephanie M
Beta Members
"Treehouse has made family and school life so much easier to stay on top of. I feel a lot less stressed!"
George D
Beta Members
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