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Wave goodbye to the hell of life admin 👋  Treehouse plugs into all of your key providers to make you insanely productive ⏱ 🔥

Treehouse will transform how you organise every area of your life

Your mortgage rate is ending today
Tap to compare mortgage offers or to chat to a Team Treehouse Mortgage Broker and discuss your options.
It's mum's birthday 🎉, she'll be 65 tomorrow
Tap to send Mum flowers, a personalised birthday card, or one of our carefully curated gift ideas. We'll deliver it tomorrow.
Millie's got homework due in this Friday
Millie has Georgraphy homework set by Mr Rodgers due in this Friday. Tap here to send her a friendly nudge 😉
Your car insurance is expiring in 3 days
Tap to renew your existing policy with Admiral for £489 per annum, or view offers to switch and save.
You're off to Dubai on holiday is in 6 days
Tap to order your travel insurance, make changes to your holiday, book airport parking, or to view your itinerary.
You've booked dinner with Steph on the 8th
Tap to make changes to your reservation, call the resturant, view the menu, book parking, or to get directions.
Liverpool are playing Man City on Sunday
Tap to see the team news, kick off time, channel coverage information, or what people are saying on Twitter.
Interests • LFC Fixtures
Your credit card bill is due soon for MBNA
Tap to view your statement, pay bill, make an overpayment, create a pay off plan, or to refinance at a lower interest rate.
Your prescription will run out in 10 days
Tap to request a refill, call your nominated pharmancy, call your GP, or to book an in person appointment with Dr Rodgers.

Create your family Treehouse

Add family, extended family, best friends or even neighbors to your family Treehouse. Choose who can see your calendar and get everyone on the same page.

  • Get your whole family on the same page
  • Choose who sees what events
  • Chat is embedded in every calendar event

Plug into all of your key providers

From bills, borrowings, and birthdays, to vehicles, mortgages, prescriptions, and everything in between.

Treehouse makes it easy to connect to all your key providers and essentials. Whether you’re looking to connect your credit card bills or kids homework, we’ll have you up and running in just a few taps.

Automatically sync important dates

When you add a new connection, choose which events you wish to sync with Treehouse and then sit back whilst we automatically add them to your calendar.

  • Choose which events to sync
  • Automatically added to your calendar
  • Change your preferences at any time

Effortlessly tackle whatever
life throws at you...

We offer wide array of services embedded within your calendar events
New adventures; from family days out to nice hotels and fancy (or not so fancy) restaurants.
To accelerate your ambitious life plans or to pay for unexpected expenses.
Our expert team will be here to guide you on any small or big purchase decisions.
Mortgages to credit cards and everything in between, you'll easily find the best deal.
Instantly get quotes to switch providers and save. Then sit back and relax, we'll do the rest.
Life plans with expert advisors. From Mortgage Brokers to Private Tutors, we've got you.

Smart reminders to end household arguments

Smart Reminders make household chores a breeze. Meaning no more arguments over who forgot to take the bins out or pay the credit card bill.
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"Treehouse has made family and school life so much easier to stay on top of. I feel a lot less stressed!"
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A super app personal assistant,
disguised as a calendar app.
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